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‘Atiqot 87 (2016) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 87
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Remains from the End of the Early Chalcolithic and the Late Chalcolithic Periods at Kaukab Springs in the Western Galilee (Hebrew, pp. 1*–41*; English summary, p. 103–105)
    Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, brick walls, settlement distribution, economy, fauna, flint, basalt chalice, violin-shaped figurine
  • A Chalcolithic Settlement at Tel Shevaʻ (Hebrew, pp. 43*–69*; English summary, p. 106)
    Yael Abadi-Reiss
    Keywords: Negev, settlement, Byzantine period, weights, spindle whorls, copper, bone tools
  • Late Ptolemaic Assemblages of Metal Artifacts and Bronze Coins Recovered off the Coast of ‘Atlit (pp. 1–35)
    Ehud Galili, Danny Syon, Gerald Finkielsztejn, Varda Sussman and Guy D. Stiebel
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, maritime archaeology, ship cargo, weight system, administration, measurements, numismatics, epigraphy, war ship, merchant ship, stamps, devices

  • Subterranean Complex 147 at Maresha: The Construction Phases of the Columbarium (pp. 37–48)
    Ian Stern, Bernie Alpert and Amos Kloner
    Keywords: Judean Shephelah, Ptolemaic rule, historical sources, agriculture, industry
  • Excavations at the Nabatean Site of ‘En Tamar (pp. 49–71)
    Tali Erickson-Gini
    Keywords: Negev, Nabatean pottery, cultivation, farmhouse, Judean balsam (opobalsam), economy, numismatics
    • The Glass Vessels from ‘En Tamar (pp. 73–75)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: Negev, Late Roman period, glass typology
  • A Villa and a Pottery Kiln from the Late Roman–Byzantine Periods at ‘En Ya‘al (Nahal Refa’im), Jerusalem (with a contribution by Anat Cohen-Weinberger) (Hebrew, pp. 71*–119*; English summary, pp. 107–110)
    Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah
    Keywords: Floor tiles, bricks, hot-air ventilation pipe, tubulus, bathhouse, earthquake, petrography, spoilers, Tenth Legion, art, updraft kiln
    • A Mosaic Floor with Xenia at ‘En Yaʻal (Nahal Refa’im), Jerusalem (Hebrew, pp. 121*–126*; English summary, pp. 111–112)
      Rina Talgam
      Keywords: Roman East, art, emblema, North Africa, triclinium
    • Fragments of a Roman-Period Wall Painting at ‘En Ya‘al (Nahal Refa’im), Jerusalem (pp. 77–79)
      Silvia Rozenberg
      Keywords: Late Roman period, art, pigment, composition
    • Coins from ‘En Ya‘al (Nahal Refa’im), Jerusalem (pp. 81–82)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: Byzantine period, numismatics
  • The Flour Mills in the Ridwan Gardens, ‘Akko (with a contribution by Gerald Finkielsztejn) (Hebrew, pp. 127*–140*; English summary, pp. 113–115)
    Yoav Lerer
    Keywords: Na’aman marshes, British Mandate, technology, installations, Napoleon cannon balls, numismatics
    • Architectural Analysis of the Flour-Mill Compound in the Ridwan Gardens, ‘Akko (Hebrew, pp. 141*–157*; English summary, pp. 116–118)
      Amir Freundlich
      Keywords: Na’aman marshes, technology, terminology, installation, numismatics, Baha-Ullah House, aruba, miglash
    • The Ceramic Finds from the Ottoman Flour Mills in the Ridwan Gardens, ‘Akko (pp. 83–96)
      Edna J. Stern
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, Ottoman Empire, maritime trade, local production, typology, import
    • Ottoman Clay Tobacco Pipes and Nargile Heads from the Flour Mills in the Ridwan Gardens, ‘Akko (pp. 97–102)
      Anastasia Shapiro
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, Ottoman Empire, smoking, typology
    • The Coins from the Flour Mills in the Ridwan Gardens, ‘Akko (Hebrew, pp. 159*–160*; English summary, p. 119)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: numismatics