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‘Atiqot 91 (2018) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 91
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • The Chalcolithic Cemetery at Palmahim (North): New Evidence of Burial Patterns from the Central Coastal Plain (pp. 1–94)
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: chalcolithic, burial customs, flint tools, ossuaries, physical anthropology, cornets, petrography, ritual
    • The Human Remains from the Chalcolithic Cemetery at Palmahim (North) (pp. 95–96)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: chalcolithic, physical anthropology, burial
    • The Chipped-Stone Collection from the Chalcolithic Cemetery at Palmahim (North) (pp. 97–101)
      Ofer Marder
      Keywords: chalcolithic, flint, tools, technology
    • The Shells from the Chalcolithic Cemetery at Palmahim (North) (pp. 103–104)
      Inbar Ktalav
      Keywords: chalcolithic, mollusks, burial, funerary offerings, symbolism
  • Khirbat Abu Hamid (Shoham North): An Early Bronze Age IB Village on the Eve of Urbanization in the Lod Valley (with contributions by Ofer Marder, Moshe Sade) (pp. 105–157)
    Yitzhak Paz, Orit Segal and Yonatan Nadelman
    Keywords: Chalcolithic period, Early Bronze Age, settlement patterns, Proto-Metallic Ware, Egypt, flint tools, fauna, archaeozoology, stone artifacts, loomweight
  • A Byzantine Settlement on the Northernmost Kurkar Ridge of Ashqelon, Barne‘a B–C Neighborhood (pp. 159–192)
    Ianir Milevski, Gabriela Bijovsky, Debora Sandhaus, Alexander Krokhmalnik and Yael Gorin-Rosen
    Keywords: terracotta figurine, metal objects, marble panel fragments, stone tools, imported Pottery, numismatics, Human remains, cemetery, burial, economy
  • A Crusader-Period Subterranean Water Reservoir at Moẓa: Results of the Salvage Excavation and Cleaning Procedure (with a contribution by Robert Kool) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–11*; English summary, pp. 165–166)
    Sivan Mizrahi and Zvi Greenhut
    Keywords: history, water installation, pottery, technology, construction, masons' mark
    • Ayyubid and Mamluk Pottery from a Crusader-period Subterranean Reservoir at Moza (pp. 193–204)
      Benjamin J. Dolinka
      Keywords: medieval pottery, typology, chronology, Black Gaza Ware, ibriq, Blue Willow porcelain