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‘Atiqot 94 (2019) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 94
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ: A Chalcolithic Habitation Site and Agricultural Installations in the Shephelah Foothills (with contributions by Yossi Nagar and Deborah A. Sklar-Parnes, and by Gabriela Bijovsky) (pp. 1–87)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink and Dorit Lazar
    Keywords: Shephelah, settlement, cemetery, pottery, flint, ground stone tools, cupmarks
    • The Chipped Stone Assemblage from Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ (pp. 89–105)
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: Shephelah, flint, settlement, typology, tools
    • Variability of the Ground Stone Artifacts from Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ (pp. 107–130)
      Yorke M. Rowan
      Keywords: Shephelah, rock-cut features, agriculture, typology, production, industry
    • The Geological Setting of Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ (pp. 131–136)
      Eldad Barzilay
      Keywords: Shephelah, geology, environment, limestone
    • Petrographic Results of Selected Chalcolithic Pottery Vessels from Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ (pp. 137–140)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: Mediterranean, Shephelah, Yarqon basin, Ayyalon basin, Ramallah anticline, geology, clay
    • The Archaeobotanical Remains from Ḥorbat Nevallaṭ (pp. 141–144)
      Nili Liphschitz
      Keywords: Mediterranean, Shephelah, cultivation, vegetation, dendroarchaeology, archaeobotany
  • Khirbat Burin: Rural Life during the Crusader and Mamluk Periods in the Eastern Sharon Plain (pp. 145–217)
    Raz Kletter and Edna J. Stern
    Keywords: History, ethnicity, Islam, Christianity, shells, pilgrimage, Santiago de Compostella, Aegean glazed bowls, Levantine glazed bowls, Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, Hugh of Burin, rural population, metal finds, ground stone
    • The Glass Vessels from Khirbat Burin (pp. 219–240)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: glass making, industry, furnace, workshop, primary glass production, secondary glass production
    • Metal Weights from Khirbat Burin (pp. 241–243)
      Raz Kletter
      Keywords: Syria-Palestine, technology, measuring, weight system
    • The Coins from Khirbat Burin (pp. 245–250)
      Donald T. Ariel and Ariel Berman
      Keywords: numismatics, Crusader period, Casal Neuf