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‘Atiqot 96 (2019) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 96
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Settlement Remains from the Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman–Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods on the Ancient Tell of Rosh Pinna (Ja‘una) (with a contribution by Danny Syon) (pp. 1–57)
    Yosef Stepansky
    Keywords: eastern Galilee, lower Hula Valley, Bible, tribal territories, ethnicity, historical sources, earthquake, Alexander Jannaeus, Jewish, Hasmonean, late Ottoman, British mandate
    • Petrographic Examination of Plaster Samples from the Iron Age Site at Rosh Pinna (Ja‘una) (pp. 59–62)
      Anastasia Shapiro
      Keywords: eastern Galilee, lower Hula Valley, petrography, chemical composition, technology
    • A Rhodian Stamped Amphora Handle from Rosh Pinna (Ja‘una) (pp. 63–65)
      Gerald Finkielsztejn
      Keywords: eastern Galilee, lower Hula Valley, epigraphy, Greek, inscription
  • Remains from the Byzantine to the Late Ottoman–British Mandate Periods at Mazor (pp. 67–123)
    Itamar Taxel and David Amit
    Keywords: Samaria Hills, late Hellenistic, Hasmonean, Early Roman period, ceramics, numismatics, Christian population, agriculture
    • The Coins from Mazor (pp. 125–128)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: numismatics, Samaria Hills
  • Mamluk and Early Ottoman Pottery from Ramla: Defining Local and Imported Fabrics (pp. 129–170)
    Edna J. Stern, Ron Toueg and Anastasia Shapiro
    Keywords: Mediterranean, geology, fabric groups, handmade vessels, wheel-made wares, pottery workshop, production, commerce, trade, cotton
  • Kefar Gabirol: el-Qubeibe in the Late Ottoman Period (with a contribution by Alexander Glick) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–16*; English summary, pp. 225–226)
    Eriola Jakoel
    Keywords: Rehovot, village, keys, working tools, numismatics, weapons
    • The Ceramic Assemblage from Kefar Gabirol, el-Qubeibe (pp. 171–198)
      Anna de Vincenz
      Keywords: Glazed earthenware vessels, Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Greece, Balkans
    • The Glass Vessels from Kefar Gabirol, el-Qubeibe (pp. 199–203)
      Brigitte Ouahnouna
      Keywords: Ottoman Empire, British Mandate
    • The Coins from Kefar Gabirol, el-Qubeibe (pp. 205–208)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: numismatics, Ottoman Empire, British Mandate
    • The Faunal Remains from Kefar Gabirol, el-Qubeibe (pp. 209–223)
      Nimrod Marom
      Keywords: zooarchaeology, Muslims, livestock demography, hunting, economy, mortality, work animals, butchery, agriculture