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‘Atiqot 52 (2006) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 52
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • The 1996 Excavations along the Northern Hill at Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 1–19)
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: coastal plain, silo, Rhodian handles, stamps, numismatics, fishing, shipping, agriculture, winepresses, pottery kilns, industry, imports, ethnicity, archaeozoology, Phoenicia, Egypt, pendant, amulet
    • The Pottery from the IAA Excavations at Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 21–56)
      Lev Arie Kapitaikin
      Keywords: coastal plain, pottery workshop, industry, storage, typology, chronology
    • Petrographic Analysis of the Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal) Pottery  (pp. 57–65)
      Amir Gorzalczany
      Keywords: coastal plain, petrography, geology, fabric, Achaemenid Kingdom
    • Petrographic Analysis of Two Ballast Stones from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 67–69)
      Amir Gorzalczany
      Keywords: coastal plain, petrography, geology, seafaring, shipwreck
    • Coins from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 71–88)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: coastal plain, numismatics, chronology, typology, Alexander the Great, production centers, mint, dies
    • Stamped Amphora Handles from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 89–91)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: coastal plain, epigraphy, chronology, fabricant, eta-rho
    • Persian-Period Metal Finds from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 93–107)
      Sariel Shalev and Kamil Sari
      Keywords: coastal plain, archeometallurgy, technology, production
    • A Lead Amulet of Nefertem from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 109–111)
      Amir Gorzalczany
      Keywords: coastal plain, iconography, art, mythology, Egypt
    • The Stone Anchor from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 113–115)
      Jacob Sharvit
      Keywords: coastal plain, seafaring, typology, chronology
    • The Flint Tools from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 117–119)
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: coastal plain, flint, typology
    • The Archaeozoological Finds from Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 121–125)
      Moshe Sade
      Keywords: coastal plain, fauna, ethnicity, osteology
    • The Kurkar and Hamra Genesis of the Northern Hill of Tel Mikhal (Tel Michal)  (pp. 127–130)
      Eldad Barzilay
      Keywords: coastal plain, physiography, geology, geomorphology
  • Nahal Tut (Site VIII): A Fortified Storage Depot from the Late Fourth Century BCE  (pp. 131–189)
    Yardenna Alexandre
    Keywords: Menashe Hills, geology, administration, numismatics, politics, military, history, fort, gravestones, anthropology
    • Petrographical Analysis of the Pottery from Nahal Tut  (pp. 191–195)
      Amir Gorzalczany
      Keywords: Menashe Hills, petrography, geology, fabric
    • Chemical Study of Basaltic Hopper-Rubber (Olynthus) Mills from Nahal Tut and ‘En Hofez  (pp. 197–200)
      Irena Segal
      Keywords: Menashe Hills, geology, chemical composition
  • A Persian-Period Building from Tel Ya‘oz (Tell Ghaza)  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–24*; English summary, p. 203)
    Orit Segal, Raz Kletter and Irit Ziffer
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, mollusks, jewelry, metal finds, tobacco pipe, Mamluk coin, numismatics
    • Drinking Vessels (Rytha) from Tel Ya‘oz  (Hebrew, pp. 25*–37*; English summary, pp. 203–204)
      Irit Ziffer, Raz Kletter and Orit Segal
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, pottery, art, iconography, technology, prestige item
    • Petrographical Analysis of the Persian-Period Ceramic Assemblage from Tel Ya‘oz  (Hebrew, pp. 39*–44*; English summary, pp. 204–205)
      Amir Gorzalczany
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, petrography, pottery, geology
    • The Persian-Period Archaeozoological Finds from Tel Ya‘oz  (Hebrew, pp. 45*–47*)
      Moshe Sade
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, fauna, animals
  • Buildings of the Persian, Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods at Khirbat Kabar, in the Northern Hebron Hills  (Hebrew, pp. 49*–71*; English summary, pp. 205–207)
    Yuval Baruch
    Keywords: stone vessels, Second Temple period, limekilns, art, epigraphy, burial