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‘Atiqot 74 (2013) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 74
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Underwater Ptolemaic Coin Hoards from Megadim  (pp. 1–8)
    Danny Syon, Catharine Lorber and Ehud Galili
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, numismatics, marine archaeology, shipwreck, mint, commerce, trade
  • A Late Bronze Age Cemetery on the Coast of Palmahim  (pp. 9–57)
    Eli Yannai, Ram Gophna, Shmuel Liphshitz and Yuval Liphshitz
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, necropolis, burial, burial offerings, typology, metal, scarab
  • A Thirteenth-Century BCE Site on the Southern Beach of Ashdod (with contributions by Yossi Nagar, Shlomit Israeli, Hamoudi Khalaily, Dror Segal and Israel Carmi, Dalia Hakker-Orion, Eldad Barzilay, Pirhiya Nahshoni and Eyal Tishler)  (pp. 59–122)
    Pirhiya Nahshoni
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, maritime trade, agriculture, wine production, trading port, commerce, tramping, flint, stones, fauna, archaeozoology, physical anthropology, radiocarbon dating
    • Petrographic Analysis of Selected Vessels from the Southern Beach of Ashdod  (pp. 123–126)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, petrography, pottery, geology
    • Botanical Remains from the Excavation on the Southern Beach of Ashdod  (pp. 127–131)
      Yoel Melamed
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, archaeobotany, grapevine, grain
  • A Late Bronze Age II Settlement on the Southern Beach of Ashdod  (pp. 133–141)
    Yonatan Nadelman
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, trade, shipping vessels, watch station
  • An Intermediate Bronze Age Settlement and a Middle Bronze Age II Cemetery at the ‘Third Mile Estate’, Ashqelon  (pp. 143–165)
    Tali Erickson-Gini and Yigal Israel
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, cemetery, burial, funerary banquet, burial goods
  • Remains from the Hellenistic through the Byzantine Periods at the ‘Third Mile Estate’, Ashqelon  (pp. 167–222)
    Yigal Israel and Tali Erickson-Gini
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, cemetery, burial goods, numismatics, pottery production, water installations, oil production, wine industry, Christianity
    • A Roman Milestone from the ‘Third Mile Estate’, Ashqelon  (pp. 223–228)
      Israel Roll
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, Roman roads, epigraphy, ancient highways, Roman Empire
    • The Coins from the ‘Third Mile Estate’, Ashqelon  (pp. 229–239)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, numismatics, Egyptian currency, small denomination
  • The Late Bronze Age II ‘Fisherman’s Grave’ from Akhziv  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–7*; English summary, p. 241)
    Hanaa Abu-‘Uqsa
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, cemetery, burial, grave goods
    • Lead Fishing-Net Weights from the ‘Fisherman’s Grave,’ Akhziv  (Hebrew, Pp. 9*–17*; English summary, pp. 242–243)
      Jacob Sharvit
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, cemetery, grave goods, metallurgy, fish