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‘Atiqot 77 (2014) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 77
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Building Remains and a ‘Burial Enclosure’ from the Byzantine to the Mamluk Periods at Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (with a contribution by Alexandra Sardoyev) (Hebrew, pp. 1–63; English summary, pp. 119*–128*)
    Ofer Sion
    Keywords: Bet She’an Valley, architecture, stratigraphy, atrium house, tombs, water installations, pits, stone items, metal, earthquakes, Byzantine period, Early Islamic period, Crusader period, Middle Ages
  • The Ceramic Finds from the Late Roman to the Ottoman Periods at Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (Hebrew pp. 65–146; English summary, pp. 129*–130*)
    Miriam Avissar
    Keywords: ceramic typology, pottery production, faience vessels, Late Roman period, Byzantine period, Early Islamic period, Middle Ages, Ottoman period
  • A Fatimid-Period Glass Weight from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (Hebrew pp. 147–148; English summary, p. 131*)
    Elias Khamis
    Keywords: disk-weights, dinar, Muslim rulers
  • Mollusk Shells from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (Hebrew pp.149–151; English summary, p. 132*)
    Frida Ben-Ami
    Keywords: archaeomalacology, Mediterranean coast, Red Sea
  • The Oil Lamps from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (pp. 1*–21*)
    Alla Nagorsky
    Keywords: pottery production, Byzantine period, Early Islamic period, Middle Ages
  • The Glass Finds from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (pp. 23*–57*)
    Natalya Katznelson
    Keywords: Bet She’an Valley, glass production, typology, ornaments
  • The Coins from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (pp. 59*–113*)
    Gabriela Bijovsky and Ariel Berman
    Keywords: numismatics, coin hoards, graffiti
  • The Skeletal Remains from Bet She’an (Youth Hostel) (p. 115*)
    Yossi Nagar
    Keywords: osteology, anthropology, burial