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‘Atiqot 60 (2008) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 60
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • A Chalcolithic Burial near Horbat Govit in Lower Galilee (with a contribution by Hamoudi Khalaily)  (pp. 1–18)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink and Catherine Commenge
    Keywords: burial, caves, burial gifts, funerary customs
  • The Early Bronze Age Site of Ashqelon, Afridar—Area M (with contributions by Hamoudi Khalaily, Moshe Sade and Elisabetta Boaretto)  (pp. 19–51)
    Amir Golani
    Keywords: domestic architecture, flint industry, copper processing
  • A Bronze Age Site at Nahal Rimmonim in the Jeareel Valley (pp. 53–74)
    Karen Covello-Paran
    Keywords: rural settlement, burial, agriculture
    • The Flint Assemblage from Nahal Rimmonim (pp. 75–77)
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: Canaanean industry
  • Rock-Cut Tombs from the Intermediate Bronze and Iron Ages at Kafr Kama, Lower Galilee (pp. 79–91)
    Karen Covello-Paran
    Keywords: burial, rock-cut caves, burial goods
  • Middle Bronze Age II and Late Bronze Age II Burials at Tel Afeq (Tell Qurdana) in the ‘Akko Plain  (pp. 93–114)
    Dina Shalem
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, faience vessel, offering bowl
  • Four Hebrew Seals, One Depicting and Assyrian-Like Archer, from the Western Wall Plaza Excavations, Jerusalem  (pp. 115–129)
    Tallay Ornan, Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah, Zvi Greenhut, Benjamin Sass and Yuval Goren
    Keywords: epigraphy, glyptic, Assyrian art, Davidic dynasty
  • A Burial Complex from the Roman Period in Ancient Haifa (with contributions by Donald T. Ariel and Yossi Nagar)  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–11*; English summary, pp. 197–198)
    Shalom Yanklevitz
    Keywords: Carmel, burial, burial goods, wooden coffins
  • A Late Third–Fourth-Century CE Burial Cave on Remez Street, Qiryat Ata (with a contribution by Gabriela Bijovsky)  (pp. 131–164)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: Galilee, cemetery, burial customs, population
  • A Byzantine Church at Qiryat Ata (with a contribution by Ariel Berman)  (pp. 165–176)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: Galilee, Christianity, basilica, art
  • The Tel Tanninim Aqueduct (Channel E) from the Byzantine Period  (Hebrew, pp. 13*–24*; English summary, pp. 199–200)
    Yosef Porath
    Keywords: Caesarea, water supply, technology
  • A Coastal Rural Occupation of the Medieval Period at ‘En Gev  (pp. 177–191)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: Sea of Galilee, village, construction techniques
  • A Coin Wrapped in Cloth from Elqosh  (pp. 193–194)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: Galilee, numismatics, textile, Charon, obol