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‘Atiqot 78 (2014) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 78
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • A Burial Cave from the Intermediate Bronze Age and Middle Bronze Age IIC near the Village of Ras ‘Ali, in Nahal Zippori (Hebrew, pp. 1*–11*; English summary, p. 161)
    Zach Horowitz and Doron Lipkunski
    Keywords: Galilee, burial goods, anthropology, glyptics
    • Three Canaanite Design Scarabs, One Egyptian Obsidian Scarab and One Syrian Cylinder Seal from a Burial Cave near Ras ‘Ali, in Nahal Zippori (pp. 1–11)
      Baruch Brandl
      Keywords: burial goods, hieroglyphs, art, iconography, typology, glyptics
  • Two Rock-Cut Burial Caves and Greek Inscriptions from the Qidron Valley, Jerusalem (pp. 13–24)
    Boaz Zissu and Zubair Adawi
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, epigraphy, ethnicity
    • Coins from Two Burial Caves in the Qidron Valley, Jerusalem (pp. 25–27)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, numismatics, Byzantine period
    • Human Skeletal Remains from a Burial Cave in the Qidron Valley (pp. 29–30)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: cemetery, anthropology, osteology, ethnicity, age diffusion
  • A Byzantine Monastery and Islamic-Period Settlement Remains at Horbat Ma‘on (Hebrew, pp. 13*–62*, English summary, pp. 162–163)
    Pirhiya Nahshoni and Gregory Seriy
    Keywords: Persian period, Christianity, marble, historical sources, metal
    • A Bread Stamp from Horbat Ma‘on (pp. 31–36)
      Leah Di Segni
      Keywords: monastery, church, Christianity, theology, Christ, epigraphy, Eucharist, eulogiae
    • Coins from Horbat Ma‘on (Hebrew, pp. 63*–72*, English summary, p. 164)
      Donald T. Ariel and Ariel Berman
      Keywords: numismatics, Byzantine period, Early Islamic period, Late Islamic period
  • Khirbat Din‘ila, Western Galilee: The Survey and Excavations of Three Oil Presses (pp. 37–69)
    Rafael Frankel and Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: agriculture, village, chronology, oil press typology, liquid collection, bone scraper, numismatics, Jews, Christians, Crusader documents, Baraitha di-Tehumin, Baraita of the Borders
    • The Crusader, Mamluk and Early Ottoman-Period Pottery from Khirbat Din‘ila: Typology, Chronology, Production and Consumption Trends (pp. 71–104)
      Edna J. Stern
      Keywords: Galilee, Joscelin de Courtenay, Teutonic Knights, territory of Chastiau de Roi, petrography, Troad area
    • Petrographic Study of Selected Mamluk-Period Pottery from Khirbat Din‘ila (pp. 105–112)
      Anastasia Shapiro
      Keywords: petrography, geography, polarizing microscope, clay, temper, mineralogy
  • Mamluk and Ottoman Remains in the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 113–137)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: Galilee, Hâret al-Wata, numismatics, Baybars, medieval period
    • The Coins from the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 139–142)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Galilee, Hâret al-Wata, numismatics
  • Remains from the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods in the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (Hebrew, pp. 73*–85*, English summary, p. 165)
    Michael Cohen
    Keywords: Galilee, numismatics, tobacco pipes
    • Imported Pottery from the Late Mamluk and Ottoman Periods at the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 143–151)
      Edna J. Stern
      Keywords: Galilee, ceramics, typology, economy, Mediterranean, maritime trade, Venetian merchants, Ligurian merchants, Tuscan merchants, harbor of Acre, minor good
    • Glass Finds from the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 153–157)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: Galilee, glass production
    • Coins from the al-Wata Quarter, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 159–160)
      Ariel Berman
      Keywords: Galilee, numismatics