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‘Atiqot 93 (2018) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 93
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Burial Caves from the Intermediate Bronze, Middle Bronze and Iron Ages at Nazareth (pp. 1–44)
    Yardenna Alexandre
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, burial, burial kit, anthropology, fauna
  • Five Incised Stone Slabs from Maresha (pp. 45–60)
    Yael Young
    Keywords: Judean Shephelah, graffito art, iconography
  • A Milestone Station in the Bet Neṭofa Valley, North of Ẓippori, and Its Place in the Roman Imperial Road System in the Galilee (Hebrew, pp. 1*–24*; English summary, pp. 163–165)
    Yotam Tepper
    Keywords: Galilee, Roman imperial road system, epigraphy, art, cult
    • The Inscriptions on the Milestones from the Bet Neṭofa Valley (pp. 61–64)
      Benjamin Isaac
      Keywords: Galilee, Roman imperial road system, epigraphy
  • Ḥorbat Basha: A Roman–Byzantine-Period Site in the Hinterland of Ashqelon (Hebrew, pp. 25*–69*; English summary, pp. 166–168)
    Ilan Peretz
    Keywords: southern coastal plain, agriculture, installation, economy, numismatics, technology
    • The Coins from Ḥorbat Basha (pp. 65–71)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Ashqelon, numismatics
  • Late Byzantine and Early Islamic Bathhouse Remains and Vestiges of Earlier Periods at Azor (with a contribution by Raz Kletter) (pp. 73–124)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Lev Kapitaikin and Yehudah Rapuano
    Keywords: coastal plain, Umayyad, Abbasid, leisure, water facility, technology, cult
  • Ramla, The Pool of the Arches: New Evidence for the Water Inlet into the Pool (pp. 125–161)
    Ron Toueg and Yael D. Arnon
    Keywords: water supply, historical sources, survey, technology, conservation, Arabic inscription