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‘Atiqot 101 (2020) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 101
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Ḥorbat ‘Illin Taḥtit: A Late Early Bronze Age IA–B Settlement in the Bet Shemesh Region (pp. 1–46)
    Ron Be’eri, Yitzhak Paz, Nuha Agha, Anat Cohen-Weinberger and Ariel Vered
    Keywords: Judean Shephelah, Early Bronze Age, typology, chronology
  • Remains of Rural Settlements from the Middle Bronze Age, the Late Iron Age and the Persian Period, and Terrace Walls from the Late Byzantine and Islamic Periods at Ḥorbat ‘Alona (Khirbal el-Alawina) (with contributions by Alon De Groot, Hamoudi Khalaily and Rina Bankierer) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–70*; pp. 127–136)
    Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah
    Keywords: Naḥal Soreq, satellite settlements, agriculture, installations, winepress, Neo-Babylonian period, dwellings, terrace walls
    • The Middle Bronze Age Pottery of Ḥorbat ‘Alona (Khirbat el-‘Alawina) (pp. 47–73)
      Lilly Gershuny
      Keywords: Naḥal Soreq, typology, economy
    • A Scarab and Two Scaraboids from Ḥorbat ʻAlona (Khirbat el-‘Alawina) (pp. 75–78)
      Ianir Milevski
      Keywords: Naḥal Soreq, Middle Bronze Age, glyptics
  • The City of David (‘Ir David), Siloam Road: A Plastered Pool adjacent to the Siloam Pool (Hebrew, pp. 71*–86*; English summary, pp. 137–138)
    Zvi Greenhut and Gabriel Mazor
    Keywords: Jerusalem, First Temple period, Second Temple period, water supply, numismatics, First Jewish Revolt
    • A Second Temple Period Registration Tag from the City of David (‘Ir David), Siloam Road (Hebrew, pp. 87*–88*; English summary, p. 139)
      Ronny Reich
      Keywords: Jerusalem, epigraphy, ink, measurement, volume
    • The Coins from the City of David (‘Ir David), Siloam Road (Hebrew, pp. 89*–91*; English summary, p. 140)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: Jerusalem, numismatics, Great Revolt
    • Radiocarbon Dating of the Plaster of Siloam Pool in the City of David (pp. 79–81)
      Elisabetta Boaretto
      Keywords: Jerusalem, Carbon-14, charcoal
  • Roman-Period Wall Paintings from the Western Quarter at Gamla (pp. 83–120)
    Yoav Farhi and Lena Naama Sharabi
    Keywords: Golan Heights, fresco, secco, technique, art, Roman architecture, Pompeian styles
  • A Byzantine-Period Church at Ḥorbat Ḥadat (Hebrew, pp. 93*–118*; English summary, pp. 141–143)
    Uzi ‘Ad, Orit Segal, Oren Shmueli and Rudolph Cohen
    Keywords: Modi‘in, Judean Shephelah, Lod Valley, chancel screen, column, mosaic, art, epigraphy, Greek inscription, Christianity, cross
    • Mosaic Floors, Liturgical Furniture and Architectural Sculpture from the Church at Ḥorbat Ḥadat (Hebrew, pp. 119*–134*; English summary, pp. 145–146)
      Lihi Habas
      Keywords: Modi‘in, Judean Shephelah, Lod Valley, art, trompe-l’oeil, Christianity
    • A Greek Inscription from the Church at Ḥorbat Ḥadat (pp. 121–126)
      Leah Di Segni
      Keywords: Modi‘in, Judean Shephelah, Lod Valley, art, Christianity, epigraphy, Christogram, nomen sacrum, ktistes, drinking deer, Eucharistic