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‘Atiqot 73 (2013) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 73
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Tel Hanan: A Site of the Wadi Rabah Culture East of Haifa  (pp. 1–17)
    Hamoudi Khalaily and Alla Nagorsky
    Keywords: Mount Carmel, prehistory, basalt bowls, charcoal, radiocarbon dating
  • Horbat Duvshan: A ‘Golan’ Chalcolithic Site in Eastern Galilee  (pp. 19–35)
    Howard Smithline
    Keywords: Golan culture, architecture, pottery, petrography, mortar, flint
    • Petrographic Examination of Selected Pottery Vessels from Horbat Duvshan  (pp. 37–39)
      Anastasia Shapiro
      Keywords: petrography, geology, mineralogy, ceramics
    • The Flint Assemblage from Horbat Duvshan  (pp. 41–44)
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: flints, typology, geology
  • An Iron Age II Burial Cave in the Southern Burial Ground at Tel ‘Etun  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–9*; English summary, p. 135)
    Sa‘ar Ganor, Amir Ganor and Ron Kehati
    Keywords: Judean Shephelah, Judah, cemetery, burial, funerary goods, repository, anthropology, Sennacherib
  • A Lead Coffin from the Roman Period at Horbat Ohad, Kibbutz Bet Guvrin (with a contribution by Natalya Katsnelson)  (Hebrew, pp. 11*–18*; English summary, p. 136)
    Daniel Varga and Rina Talgam
    Keywords: burial, funerary goods, pagan, mythology, art, cult, anthropology
  • A Roman Tomb at ‘Ein el-Sha‘ara  (pp. 45–52)
    Tal Kayesar
    Keywords: burial, grave goods, anthropology
    • The Glass and Small Stone Finds from a Roman Tomb at ‘Ein el-Sha‘ara  (pp. 53–65)
      Ruth E. Jackson-Tal
      Keywords: burial, funerary offerings, typology
  • Burial Caves from the Early Roman–Early Byzantine Periods at Ben Shemen (with contributions by Uri Baruch and by Israel Carmi and Dror Segal)  (Hebrew, pp. 19*–44*; English summary, pp. 137–138)
    Oren Shmueli, Eli Yannai, Yifat Peleg and Yossi Nagar
    Keywords: Lod Shephelah, burial, secondary burial, funerary goods, oil lamps, anthropology, Second Temple, Jewish population, Christians, charcoal, olive, carob, wood
    • Wall Paintings from the Late Roman or Early Byzantine Period in Cave 4 at Ben Shemen  (Hebrew, pp. 45*–50*; English summary, p. 139)
      Talila Michaeli
      Keywords: Lod Shephelah, burial, art, Christianity
    • A Greek Inscription from the Late Roman Period in Burial Cave 4 at Ben Shemen  (pp. 67–70)
      Leah Di Segni
      Keywords: Lod Shephelah, burial, palaeography, Jewish population, Christians, Bar Kokhba Revolt
  • Remains of a Byzantine and Early Islamic Rural Settlement at the Be’er Sheva‘ North Train Station (with contributions by Natalya Katsnelson and Moshe Sade)  (Hebrew, pp. 51*–76*; English summary, pp. 140–142)
    Yigal Israel, Gregory Seriy and Oded Feder
    Keywords: Negev, settlement, agriculture, hinterland, numismatics, archaezoology, incised pottery
  • A Crusader-Period Bathhouse in ‘Akko (Acre) (with a contribution by Danny Syon)  (pp. 71–108)
    Howard Smithline, Edna J. Stern and Eliezer Stern
    Keywords: Galilee, Crusader Kingdom, water installation, technology, pottery typology, history, numismatics
    • Glass Finds from the Crusader-Period Bathhouse in ‘Akko (Acre)  (pp. 109–116)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Galilee, glass production, technology, bull’s-eye, manufacturing technique
  • A Settlement from the Roman–Mamluk Periods at Horbat Yagur  (Hebrew, pp. 77*–90*; English summary, p. 143)
    Kareem Sa‘id
    Keywords: settlement, Middle Ages, medieval period, numismatics
    • The Medieval Pottery from Horbat Yagur  (pp. 117–126)
      Yael D. Arnon
      Keywords: Middle Ages, ceramics, typology
    • Coins from Horbat Yagur  (pp. 127–131)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: numismatics