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‘Atiqot 81 (2015) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 81
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • An Iron Age Cemetery and Other Remains at Yavne  (with a contribution by Danny Syon) (pp. 1*–33*)
    Raz Kletter and Yossi Nagar
    Keywords: coastal plain, burial, ethnicity, Philistines, burial goods
    • Glass Vessels from Yavne  (pp. 35*–37*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: coastal plain, luxurious vessel, ethnicity, Jewish settlement, Roman army
  • An Iron Age Site at Khirbat Umm el-Baqr (Nahal Adorayim) (with contributions by Emil Aladjem)  (Hebrew, pp. 69–105; English summary, pp. 122*–123*)
    Pirhiya Nahshoni and Svetlana Talis
    Keywords: Philistine pottery, bull figurine, stone vessels, groundstones
  • Yavne-Yam (North): An Agricultural Area and Cemeteries from the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, and the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods (with contributions by Eriola Jakoel and Limor Talmi)  (Hebrew, pp. 1–29; English summary, pp. 113*–115*)
    Moshe Ajami and Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: coastal plain, stone vessels, Jewish population, Jewish coins, numismatics, wine production, fishing gear, lead amulet, Greek inscription, malacology, glyptics, geomorphology
    • The Pottery and Stone Vessels from Yavne-Yam (North)  (Hebrew, pp. 31–42; English summary, p. 116*)
      Eriola Jakoel
      Keywords: coastal plain, saqiye vessels, commerce, trade, import, export
    • The Coins from Yavne-Yam (North)  (Hebrew, pp. 43–48; English summary, p. 117*)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: coastal plain, numismatics
    • A Roman-Period Fishing Station at Yavne-Yam (North)  (Hebrew, pp. 49–58; English summary, p. 118*–119*)
      Jacob Sharvit and Dror Planer
      Keywords: coastal plain, harbor, rod fishing, workshop, hook manufacture, fish, economy, numismatics
    • Yavne-Yam (North): Geomorphology and Environment  (Hebrew, pp. 59–67; English summary, pp. 120*–121*)
      Oren Ackermann
      Keywords: Peleshet coastal plain, sand dunes, aeolian sand, climate fluctuations, topography
    • Shells from the Excavation of Yavne-Yam (North)  (pp. 39*–43*)
      Henk K. Mienis
      Keywords: coastal plain, shell pendant, purple dye production
  • Excavations along the High Level Aqueduct to Caesarea Maritima  (Hebrew, pp. 107–149; English summary, pp. 124*–126*)
    Yosef Porath and Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: water supply system, gravity channel, pipeline, plaster type, pillar, arch, inscribed column, travertine, cornice
  • Safed (Zefat), Jerusalem Street: Crusader-Period Remains in the Vicinity of the Castle  (pp. 45*–84*)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: Iron Age, Frankish period, Ottoman period, Mamluk, Sultan Baybars, pig bone
    • Glass Vessels from Jerusalem Street, Safed (Zefat)  (pp. 84*–89*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: medieval period, technology, typology
    • The Coins from Jerusalem Street, Safed (Zefat) (pp. 91*–97*)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: numismatics, medieval period, Frankish period, faubourg, ‘Holy Sepulchre’ type, kingdom of Jerusalem, Kwarezmians
    • Butchers’ Waste: Zooarchaeological Analysis of a Crusader/Ayyubid Bone Deposit from Jerusalem Street, Safed (Zefat)  (pp. 99*–109*)
      Guy Bar-Oz and Noa Raban-Gerstel
      Keywords: Ottoman period, gnawing marks, butchery marks, butchery waste, food refuse, chopped bones, slaughtering, secondary products, economy, taxonomic representation