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‘Atiqot 58 (2008) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 58
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • The Flint Assemblage of Karmeliya, Haifa (pp. 1*–5*)
    Hamoudi Khalaily and Flavia Sonntag
    Keywords: Carmel, lithics, prehistory
  • Be’er Sheva‘, Ramot Neighborhood, Site 49 (Hebrew, pp. 1–14; English summary, pp. 59*–60*)
    Oded Feder and Nimrod Negev
    Keywords: Sennacherib, agriculture, hinterland
  • A Jewish Mausoleum of the Roman Period at Qiryat Shemu’el, Tiberias (pp. 7*–29*)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: Galilee, cemetery, burial, glyptics, ethnography
  • The Greek Inscription from Tel Ashdod: A Revised Reading (pp. 31*–36*)
    Leah Di Segni
    Keywords: Christianity, epigraphy, calendar, Byzantine period
  • Survey and Excavations at Horbat Burgin in the Judean Shephelah: Burial Caves, Hiding Complexes and Installations of the Second Temple and Byzantine Periods (Hebrew, pp. 15–48; English summary, pp. 60*–64*) 
    Boaz Zissu and Amir Ganor
    Keywords: burial, columbaria, winepress
  • Pottery Production at Horbat Rodem near Bet She’an (pp. 37*–46*)
    Karen Covello-Paran and Dina Avshalom-Gorni
    Keywords: ceramics, industry, marketing
  • A Complex Winepress from Mishmar Ha-‘Emeq: Evidence for the Peak in the Development of the Wine Industry in Eretz Israel in Antiquity (Hebrew, pp. 47–66; English summary, pp. 65*–67*)
    Dina Avshalom-Gorni, Rafael Frankel and Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: technology, agriculture, terminology
  • A Church and Village Remains from the Byzantine Period at Pardessiya in the Sharon (Hebrew, pp. 67–89; English summary, pp. 67*–68*)
    Etan Ayalon
    Keywords: Christianity, marble, numismatics, saints
  • A Site from the Iron Age until the Early Islamic Period near Tamra in the Lower Galilee (pp. 47*–56*)
    Leea Porat
    Keywords: tribe of Issachar, numismatics, Iron Age I
    • The Coins from Tamra (pp. 57*–58*)
      Danny Syon
      Keywords: numismatics, Galilee
  • Khirbat ‘Adasa: A Farmstead of the Umayyad and Mamluk Periods in Northern Jerusalem (with contributions by Helena Sokolov and Gabriela Bijovsky) (Hebrew, pp. 91–122; English summary, pp. 69*–71*)
    Hamoudi Khalaily and Miriam Avissar
    Keywords: rural settlement, metal objects, gemstone, numismatics
    • The Glass Finds from Khirbat ‘Adasa (Hebrew, pp. 123–134; English summary, pp. 72*–73*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: rural settlement, glass industry
  • Underground Reservoirs from the Crusader Period and Later Remains Next to and North of the Synagogue at Moza (Hebrew, pp. 135–144; English summary, pp. 73*–75*)
    Zvi Greenhut
    Keywords: Christianity, Jerusalem vicinity, iron nails, cross