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Atiqot 114 (2024) EISSN 2948-040X
Wine Production, Trade and Consumption in the Southern Levant
  • Front Matter & Editorial
    Atiqot 114
    Keywords: Front Matter & Editorial
  • Identifying the (Royal) Winepresses in the “Valley of the King” (Pp. 1–22)
    Benyamin Storchan, Nathan Ben-Ari, Neria Sapir and Oded Lipschits
    Keywords: Iron Age, winepress, Judah, viticulture, Valley of the King, wine production, royal estate, mmšt
  • Iron Age II and Persian-Period Wine Production in Southern Samaria: New Data from Archaeological Surveys (Pp. 23–45)
    Aharon Tavger
    Keywords: Iron Age, Persian period, winepress, winery, Samaria, Assyrian conquest, Northern Kingdom, ancient economy, agricultural specialization, landscape archaeology
  • Transport Wine Amphorae and the Economic System in Southern Phoenicia during the Achaemenid Regime (Pp. 47–74)
    Yiftah Shalev
    Keywords: imperial control, transport amphorae, Achaemenid Empire, southern Phoenicia
  • Wine Production in the Byzantine Winepresses of Southern Israel: Insights from a Statistical Analysis (Pp. 75–89)
    Matan Chocron, Oren Ackermann, Ilan Stavi and Boaz Zissu
    Keywords: Byzantine period, simple winepress, complex winepress, statistical analysis, screw press, treading floor, collection vat, fermentation
  • From Gat to Bet-Gitot: Wine Production in the Southern Levant (Pp. 91–136)
    Yehoshua (Yeshu) Dray
    Keywords: wine, winemaking, winepress, Gat, Bet-Gitot, ‘free-run’ wine, pressed wine, treading floor
  • Changes in Wine Consumption in Palestine, c. 600–1100 CE: The Ceramic Evidence (Pp. 137–177)
    Itamar Taxel
    Keywords: late antique, Early Islamic Palestine, viticulture, wine consumption, continuity and change, local ceramic containers, imported ceramic containers
  • The Identification of Ancient Wine through Organic Residue Analysis of Ceramic Vessels (Pp. 179–192)
    Ayala Amir
    Keywords: wine, organic residue analysis, tartaric acid, wine-markers, Southern Levant, ceramic vessels
  • Grapevine Variety Identification—Methodological Aspects: Sample Preparation, Three-Dimensional Positioning and Morphological Comparison (Pp. 193–211)
    Michal David, Yekaterina Shapira, Avshalom Karasik, Elyashiv Drori and Ehud Weiss
    Keywords: lab procedure, archaeobotany, archaeology, 3D model, GMM, position, drying, scan, grapevine variety
  • Bronze Age Winepresses and Roman-Period Burial Caves near Nein, Giv‘at Ha-More (Pp. 215–255)
    Eyad Bisharat and Yardenna Alexandre
    Keywords: simple winepresses, Roman period, kokhim, burial caves, Galilean pottery, Jezreel Valley/southern Carmel pottery, Jewish lamps, Samaritan lamps
    • Glass Finds from the Roman-Period Burial Caves near Nein (Pp. 257–270)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Roman glass, burial caves, Galilee, candlestick bottles, small amphoriskos, glass bracelet, bead, glass debris, local glass production
  • Excavations at eṭ-Ṭuweiri and the Boundary between the Dioceses of Tyre and ‘Akko-Ptolemais in the Byzantine Period (Pp. 271–306)
    Danny Syon, Nimrod Getzov and Zohar Daniel
    Keywords: Tyre, ‘Akko-Ptolemais, inscriptions, winery, Byzantine period, Christianity
    • Late Byzantine and Early Islamic Glass from et-Ṭuweiri: A Rural Site in Western Galilee (Pp. 307–322)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Byzantine period, Umayyad period, glass, wineglasses, oil lamps, tonged decoration, stirring rod, glass production
    • The Mollusks from et-Ṭuweiri (Pp. 323–326)
      Inbar Ktalav
      Keywords: mollusks, snails, malacology, food consumption, trade, building material