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`Atiqot 114

“Let My Liver Rather Heat with Wine”: Wine and Drinking Customs in Antiquity

`Atiqot 114 will focus on Wine and Drinking Customs in Antiquity. The consumption of wine in ancient societies played a significant role in social and political exchanges, fueling relationships and serving a major function in hosting and feasting. Wine was also an important component in religious practices and cultic rituals. As such, wine was a substantial commodity in the Southern Levant’s economy, as is testified in the material culture, for example, the production installations, the manufacture of special storage jars, wine residue etc. Wine is mentioned in many ancient sources, both as a trade commodity and as a metaphor for happiness and rejoicing.

This volume will include final excavation reports and synthesis articles relating to wine production, storage, transport and consumption; social practices and customs of drinking and feasting; artifacts or installations that are related to wine; and rituals and social interactions in which wine consumption played a significant role.

Papers should be prepared according to `Atiqot guidelines. Please submit your article by using this Google Form. Articles will be accepted until July 1, 2023. Authors will be notified of acceptance via email within a maximum of two months. For more information concerning the journal requirements or any other questions, please refer to the journal website ( or contact the Editorial Board:

Reminder: We are still accepting papers for `Atiqot 113: The Archaeology of Purity and Impurity. The deadline for submission is May 1, 2023.

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