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‘Atiqot 79 (2014) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 79
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • An Advanced Method of Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS for Provenance Studies in Archaeometallurgy: Chalcolithic Metal Objects from Israel as a Case-Study (pp. 1–10)
    Irina Segal and Ludwik Halicz
    Keywords: copper, Feinan, Timna, Sinai, arsenical bronze, ores
  • Rescue Excavations at the Early Bronze Age Site of Qiryat Ata––Area N (pp. 11–44)
    Amir Golani
    Keywords: settlement, stratigraphy, ceramic type frequencies, quantitative analysis, basalt bowl, limestone bowl, grinding slabs, querns, metal chisel, cylinder seal impressions, bone tools
    • Faunal Remains from the Early Bronze Age Site of Qiryat Ata—Area N (pp. 45–57)
      Nuha Agha
      Keywords: archaeozoology, osteology, economy, domestication, bones, horns, cutting marks, gnawing marks, skinning
    • Molluscs from the Early Bronze Age Site at Qiryat Ata––Area N (pp. 59–62)
      Inbar Ktalav
      Keywords: malacology, shells
  • Rescue Excavations at the Early Bronze Age Site of Qiryat Ata––Area S (with a contribution by Hamoudi Khalaily) (pp. 63–98)
    Amir Golani
    Keywords: stratigraphy, cylinder seal, bitumen, ceramic disc, spindle whorls, groundstone objects, Canaanean products
    • Animal-Based Economy and Local Ecology: The Early Bronze Age II Fauna from Qiryat Ata––
      Area S (pp. 99–109)
      Edward F. Maher
      Keywords: zooarchaeology, consumption patterns, economic strategies, environment, butchery marks
  • A Middle Bronze Age Tomb at ‘Atlit (pp. 111–130)
    Eilat Mazar and David Ilan
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, cemetery, burial, alabaster, scaraboids
  • Middle Bronze Age IIA and Later Settlement Remains near Yehud on the Coastal Plain (pp. 131–174)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Oren Shmueli, Eli Yannai, Liora Kolska Horwitz and Eyal Vadaei
    Keywords: Tell el-Yahudiya, typology, weights, Canaanean sickle blades, archaeozoology
  • New Archaeological Finds from Kursi-Gergesa (with a contribution by Gabriela Bijovsky) (pp. 175–197)
    Vassilios Tzaferis
    Keywords: Sea of Galilee, Christianity, religion, monastery, church, pilgrims, cemetery, burial, anthropology, numismatics, metal, polilychnos, art, Christ, Christian iconography, expulsion of the Persians
    • Glass Finds and Assorted Beads from Three Tombs at Kursi-Gergesa (pp. 199–208)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: eulogia, Christian pilgrimage, mask molds, secondary blowing, Christian symbolism, Golgotha, St. John the Baptist, saint, art, iconography, millefiori beads, eye beads
    • Human Skeletal Remains from Tombs at Kursi-Gergesa (pp. 209–212)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: anthropology, osteology, epigenetic traits, primary burial, Christians, ethnicity
  • A Section of the Gezer–Ramla Aqueduct (Qanat Bint al-Kafir) and a Mamluk-Period Cemetery near Moshav Yashresh (pp. 213–230)
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: water installation, hydraulic plaster, flow rate, cemetery, burial customs
    • Skeletal Remains from the Gezer–Ramla Aqueduct (Qanat Bint al-Kafir) (pp. 231–232)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: anthropology, cemetery, burial customs
  • Excavations at the Dar el-Gharbiya Neighborhood of Kafr Yasif: A Crusader Estate in the Territory of ‘Akko (with a contribution by Yael Gorin-Rosen) (pp. 233–261)
    Danny Syon and Edna J. Stern
    Keywords: Crusader kingdom, Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, typology, Acre Ware, molasses jars, sugar production, maritime trade, quantitative analysis, Beirut, Troad area, numismatics, coins, lead token, glass-working furnaces, glass production, industrial area, rural settlement, historical identification, historical documents