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'Atiqot 113 (2023) EISSN 2948-040X
The Archaeology of Purity
  • Front Matter & Editorial
    Atiqot 113
    Keywords: Front Matter & Editorial
  • A First-Century BCE Chalk-Vessel Assemblage from Har Ḥoma, Jerusalem, and the Beginning of the Chalk-Vessel Industry (pp. 127)

    Dennis Mizzi, Ayala Zilberstein, Débora Sandhaus, Rina Avner and Shua Kisilevitz
    Keywords: Chalk vessels, chalk-quarry workshops, Jewish ritual purity, late Second Temple period, Har Ḥoma, Jerusalem
  • Ritual Purification and Bathing: The Location and Function of Siloam Pool and Solomon’s Pool in Second Temple Period Jerusalem (pp. 2944)
    Nahshon Szanton
    Keywords: purification, bathing, First Wall, Silwan Pool, Siloam Pool, Birkat el-Ḥamra, Pool of Solomon, Tyropoeon Valley
  • Jewish Pilgrimage, Temple Sacrifices and ‘Disposable’ Cooking Pots (pp. 4558)
    Omri Abadi
    Keywords: Second Temple period, Jerusalem, pilgrimage, cooking-pot production, ritual purity, ceremonial feasting
  • Late Roman–Byzantine-Period Ritual Baths at Ḥorbat Susya in Daroma (pp. 59–96)
    Yuval Baruch and Ronny Reich
    Keywords: purity, ritual bath, miqweh, Daroma, synagogue, Jewish village, Late Roman period, Byzantine period, priest, oil press, winepress
  • Archaeology, Purity and Society: Some Methodological Reflections (pp. 97–113)
    Eyal Regev
    Keywords: Purity, ritual baths, stone vessels, social archaeology, ethnicity, individualism
  • The Rise and Fall of ‘Purity Culture’ in the Land of Israel: A Historic Perspective (pp. 115157)
    Zeev Safrai
    Keywords: Purity, social development, miqweh, priests, Rabbis, sages, sects
  • Jewish Ritual Immersion in the Longue Durée: From Earliest Manifestations until Today (159181)
    Yonatan Adler
    Keywords: Judaism, ritual purity, ritual immersion, ritual immersion pools, ritual baths
  • A Second-Temple Period Chalk Quarry and Vessel- Production Cave Complex on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem (pp. 185274)
    Jon Seligman, David Amit and Irina Zilberbod
    Keywords: Jewish, Halakha, purity, chalk vessel industry, workshop, quarry, technology, quantification
    • The Pottery Assemblage from the Mount Scopus Chalk-Vessel Production Cave (pp. 275286)
      Débora Sandhaus
      Keywords: Pottery, Roman period, Herodian period, between the Revolts
    • Stratigraphic Setting and Lithology of Mount Scopus Chalk Quarry Cave (pp. 287293)
      Amos Frumkin and Ze’ev Lewy
      Keywords: bedrock stratigraphy, lithology, depositional paleoenvironment