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‘Atiqot 57 (2007) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 57
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Finds from the Hellenistic ‘Favissa’ at ‘Akko-Ptolemais  (pp. 11–20) 
    Donald T. Ariel and Natalie Messika
    Keywords: cult, transport, import, art, epigraphy
  • The Excavations at Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (Hebrew, pp. 29*–49*; English summary, pp. 166–167)
    Ofer Sion
    Keywords: Shephelah, Late Roman period, Byzantine period, burial
    • Two Pottery Assemblages from Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (pp. 21–52)
      Anna de Vincenz and Ofer Sion
      Keywords: ceramics, typology, imports, decoration
    • The Clay Oil Lamps from Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (pp. 53–72)
      Varda Sussman
      Keywords: pottery, industry, menorah, ethnicity
    • Local Glass Production in the Late Roman–Early Byzantine Periods in Light of the Glass Finds from Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (pp. 73–154)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen and Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: Shephelah, glasswork, glass industry
    • The Coins from Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (pp. 155–162)
      Ariel Berman
      Keywords: numismatics, Shephelah
    • An Islamic Amulet from Khirbat el-Ni‘ana  (pp. 163–164)
      Nitzan Amitai-Preiss
      Keywords: Islamic art, pendant, epigraphy
  • The Agricultural Hinterland West of Horbat Barfiliya, Modi‘in  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–27*; English summary, pp. 165–166)
    Elena Kogan-Zehavi and Yehiel Zelinger
    Keywords: cultivation, terraces, crops, numismatics
    • The Finds from Cave 39C West of Horbat Barfiliya, Modi‘in  (pp. 1–9)
      Ianir Milevski and Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: burial, flint industry, imports
  • Building Remains and an Installation from the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods at Nahal Daliya (Umm Tut)  (Hebrew, pp. 51*–70*; English summary, pp. 168–170)
    Rina Avner
    Keywords: Carmel, chronology, winepress, numismatics
    • The Coins from Nahal Daliya (Umm Tut)  (Hebrew, pp. 71*–75*; English summary, p. 70)
      Helena Sokolov
      Keywords: numismatics
  • Remains of an Early Islamic Settlement and a Hellenistic (Roman?) Tomb at Khirbat Deiran, Rehovot  (Hebrew, pp. 77*–90*; English summary, pp. 170–173)
    Elena Kogan-Zehavi
    Keywords: burial, ovens, numismatics, textiles, gemstone
    • The Pottery from Stratum 2 at Khirbat Deiran, Rehovot  (Hebrew, pp. 91*–104*; English summary, pp. 173–175)
      Miriam Avissar
      Keywords: Early Islamic period, ceramics