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‘Atiqot 63 (2010) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter 
    Atiqot 63
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Settlement Remains from the Bronze and Iron Ages at Horbat Menorim (El-Manara), Lower Galilee  (pp. 1–14)
    Karen Covello-Paran
    Keywords: Yavne’el Valley, Four Room House, Black-on-Red Ware
  • Middle Bronze Age II Remains at Khirbat ‘Addasa  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–16*; English summary, pp. 229–230)
    Zvi Greenhut and Zubair ‘Adawi
    Keywords: Jerusalem, agricultural hinterland, hill country
  • Iron Age I Tombs in the Azor Cemetery (with a contribution by Anat Cohen-Weinberger)  (Hebrew, pp. 17*–40*; English summary, pp. 231–232)
    Aviva Buchennino and Eli Yannai
    Keywords: burial, Cypriot vessels
  • A Seventh-Century BCE Site near Tel ‘En Zippori (pp. 15–25)
    Aviram Oshri and Zvi Gal
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, hill country, Israelites, Tiglath Pileser III, bodeda
  • Iron-Age Quarries, Second Temple-Period Installations and an Ottoman Watchtower on the Southern Slope of Mount Scopus, Jerusalem  (pp. 27–43)
    Amit Re’em
    Keywords: loculus tombs, kokhim, miqveh, ossuaries, earthquake
    • Four Pottery Assemblages from the Southern Slope of Mount Scopus, Jerusalem  (pp. 45–59)
      Anna de Vincenz
      Keywords: roof tiles, kutahya cups
  • Artifact Assemblages from Two Roman Shipwrecks off the Carmel Coast  (pp. 61–110)
    Ehud Galili, Baruch Rosen and Jacob Sharvit
    Keywords: underwater excavations, nautical equipment, fishing gear, figurative art
    • Coin Hoard from a Third-Century CE Shipwreck off the Carmel Coast (pp. 111–135)
      Ya‘akov Meshorer
      Keywords: hoard, silver denars, currency, circulation
    • Coin Hoard from a Fourth-Century CE Shipwreck off the Carmel Coast  (pp. 137–145)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: hoard, copper folles, currency
  • Late Byzantine Remains near Shiqmona: A Monastery, a Cemetery and a Winepress  (pp. 147–182)
    Raz Kletter
    Keywords: monastery, mosaics, clay coffin, arcosolia tombs, screw press
    • Pottery from the Late Byzantine Remains near Shiqmona  (pp. 183–208)
      Rivka Calderon
      Keywords: imported vessels, impressed decorations, tiles
    • Glass from the Late Byzantine Remains near Shiqmona  (pp. 209–218)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: glass production, workshops, window pane
    • Coins from the Late Byzantine Remains near Shiqmona  (pp. 219–223)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Vandalic bronze, nummi, pentanummi, folles
    • Bones from the Late Byzantine Remains near Shiqmona  (pp. 225–226)
      Vered Eshed
      Keywords: Osteology, physical anthropology, deceased