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‘Atiqot 56 (2007) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 56
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Protohistoric Settlement Remains at Hittin, on the Fringes of the Arbel Valley  (Hebrew, pp. 13–24; English Summary, pp. 70*–71*)
    Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, pottery, flint
  • A Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Settlement at Peqi‘in, in Upper Galilee  (Hebrew, pp. 1–12; English Summary, pp. 69*–70*)
    Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: plastic decoration, Golan Ware, incisions, flint
  • Subterranean Storage Chambers from the Early Bronze Age IB at Giv‘at Qesem  (pp. 1*–12*)
    Deborah A. Sklar-Parnes and Emanuel Eisenberg
    Keywords: plastic decoration, string-cut base, Canaanean sickle blades, bone tools
  • Salvage Excavations at Horbat Ma‘raba  (pp. 13*–21*) 
    Lilly Gershuny
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, ceramics
  • Iron Age IIA Remains from a Salvage Excavation at Sulam  (pp. 23*–32*) 
    Yardenna Alexandre
    Keywords: organic material, Carbon-14, Shishak’s campaign
  • A Farmstead from the End of the Iron Age and Installations at the Foot of Khirbat Abu Shawan  (Hebrew, pp. 25–44; English Summary, pp. 71*–74*)
    Yuval Baruch
    Keywords: Jerusalem hinterland, agriculture, oil production, limekiln, winepress
  • A Burial Cave from the First–Second Centuries CE and Double-Arcosolia Tombs from the Fourth–Fifth Centuries CE on the Fringes of Horbat Zikhrin  (Hebrew, pp. 45–57; English Summary, pp. 74*–75*)
    Elie Haddad
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, bone industry, numismatics
    • Early Roman and Early Byzantine Glass Vessels from T2 and T4 near Horbat Zikhrin  (Hebrew, pp. 59–63; English Summary, p. 76*)
      Ruth E. Jackson-Tal
      Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, Persian period, art
  • A Burial Cave at Horbat ‘Eitayim  (Hebrew, pp. 65–79; English Summary, pp. 76*–78*)
    Hanaa Abu ‘Uqsa
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, numismatics
  • Remains of the Roman and Byzantine Periods at Horbat Hazaz, Ashqelon  (Hebrew, pp. 81–97; English Summary, pp. 78*–81*)
    Pirhiya Nahshoni
    Keywords: archaeozoology, epigraphy, numismatics
    • The Coins from Horbat Hazaz, Ashqelon  (Hebrew, pp. 99–104; English Summary, pp. 81*–82*)
      Helena Sokolov and Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: numismatics
  • Tombs of the Roman Period and Building Remains of the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods at Kafr Kama  (Hebrew, pp. 105–112; English Summary, pp. 82*–83*)
    Chaya Ben-Nachum
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, burial, jewelry, mosaic floor, metal finds, coin
    • Glass Vessels from Tomb 202 at Kafr Kama  (Hebrew, pp. 113–118; English Summary, pp. 83*–84*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, burial goods, glass production
  • Solomon’s Stables, The Temple Mount, Jerusalem: The Events Concerning the Destruction of Antiquities 1999–2001  (pp. 33*–53*)
    Jon Seligman
    Keywords: Haram esh-Sharif, Solomon’s Stables, Waqf
  • The Archaeological Finds in the Soil Debris Removed from the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, 1999–2000  (pp. 55*–64*)
    Yuval Baruch
    Keywords: Haram esh-Sharif
  • Building Remains and Industrial Installations from the Early Islamic Period at Khirbat Deiran, Rehovot  (Hebrew, pp. 119–144; English Summary, pp. 84*–85*)
    Aviva Bouchenino
    Keywords: Shephelah, industry, pools, miqweh, stone vessels, oil lamps
    • Glass Vessels from Khirbat Deiran, Rehovot  (Hebrew, pp. 145–149; English Summary, p. 85*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Shephelah, glass industry
    • The Coins from Khirbat Deiran, Rehovot  (pp. 65*–68*)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Shephelah, numismatics
  • An Ancient Flour Mill on the Northern Dam of the ‘Tanninim Reservoir’  (Hebrew, pp. 151–166; English Summary, pp. 86*–87*)
    Yosef Porath, Peter Gendelman and Yael Arnon
    Keywords: coastal plain, industry, technology