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‘Atiqot 90 (2018) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 90
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • An Excavation near a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Flint Quarry on Kaizer Hill, Modi‘in (pp. 1–8)
    Polina Spivak
    Keywords: PPNA, industry, flint
  • The Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age IB Site of Beqo‘a (pp. 9–54)
    Amir Golani, Benyamin Storchan and Anna Eirikh-Rose
    Keywords: proto history, pottery, flint, fauna
    • Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age IB Flint Assemblages from Beqo‘a (pp. 55–56)
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: flint, knapping, economy
    • Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age IB Fauna from Beqo‘a (pp. 67–74)
      Edward F. Maher
      Keywords: proto-history, fauna, economy, offering
    • Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age IB Mollusks from Beqo‘a (pp. 75–78)
      Inbar Ktalav
      Keywords: malacology, shells, snail
  • The Magdala Archaeological Project (2010–2012): A Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Migdal (with contributions by Dina Avshalom-Gorni, Ruth A. Jackson-Tal and Yael Gorin-Rosen, and Danny Syon) (pp. 83–126)
    Marcela Zapata-Meza, Andrea Garza Diaz Barriga and Rosaura Sanz-Rincón
    Keywords: petrography, workshop, glass production, history, technology
  • The Armon Ha-Naziv Tunnel, ‘Government House’ Ridge, Jerusalem (Hebrew, pp. 1*–53*; English summary, pp. 165–167)
    Yaʻakov Billig
    Keywords: technology, aqueduct, water supply, miqveh, chronology
    • Coins from the Armon Ha-Naziv Tunnel, ‘Government House’ Ridge, Jerusalem (pp. 79–82)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Jerusalem, numismatics
  • A Byzantine-Period Funerary Chapel in the Newe Yam Dalet Neighborhood in Ashqelon (pp. 147–158)
    Yulia Ustinova and Gregory Seriy
    Keywords: Byzantine period, Christianity, epigraphy, art, religion, cult
  • A Church from the Byzantine, Umayyad and Abbasid Periods and Remains from Iron Age I at Tamra (ez-Zuʻab iyya ) in Ramat Issakhar (Hebrew, pp. 55*–106*; English summary, pp. 168–171)
    Yotam Tepper
    Keywords: Byzantine period, Early Islamic period, Christianity, epigraphy, iconography, art
    • The Coins from Tamra (ez-Zu‘abiyya) (Hebrew, pp. 107*–108*; English summary, p. 172)
      Danny Syon
      Keywords: numismatics
    • A Middle Bronze Age Scarab from Tamra (ez-Zu‘abiyya) (pp. 159–162)
      Daphna Ben-Tor
      Keywords: glyptics, art, iconography
    • Textile Impressions on Mamluk Pott ery from Tamra (ez-Zu‘abiyya) (pp. 163–164)
      Orit Shamir
      Keywords: textiles, thread, weave, industry
  • Remains from the Late Roman to the Mamluk Periods on Djabsha Street, Old City, Jerusalem: An Early Islamic-Period Fuller’s Workshop? (pp. 127–146)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: industry, channels, pottery