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‘Atiqot 105 (2021) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 105
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Remains from the Chalcolithic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Periods at Yehud, Ashkenazi Market (with contributions by Peter Gendelman, Lior Rauchberger, Donald T. Ariel) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–42*; English summary, pp. 163–164)
    Eriola Jakoel
    Keywords: coastal plain, industry, workshop, fauna, numismatics, metallurgy
    • Pottery from the Late Chalcolithic Period from Yehud, Ashkenazi Market (Hebrew, pp. 43*–62*; English summary, pp. 165–166)
      Ronit Lupu
      Keywords: coastal plain, Ghassul, Beer Sheva
    • The Glass Finds from Yehud, Ashkenazi Market (Hebrew, pp. 63*–68*; English summary, p. 167)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: coastal plain, local production, glass industry, furnace
    • Faunal Remains from the Late Chalcolithic, Late Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Periods at Yehud, Ashkenazi Market (pp. 1–22)
      Nuha Agha
      Keywords: coastal plain, butchery, consumption, ethnicity
  • Remains from the Prehistoric to the Late Ottoman Periods at Kerem Maharal (Hebrew, pp. 69*–119*; English summary, pp. 168–171)
    Uzi ‘Ad and Kareem Sa‘id
    Keywords: Carmel, numismatics, oil press, olives, economy, vines, wine production, viticulture
    • Pottery of the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods at Kerem Maharal (pp. 23–47)
      Peter Gendelman and Kareem Sa‘id
      Keywords: Carmel, trade, Phoenicia
    • The Pottery of the Islamic Periods from Kerem Maharal (pp. 49–73)
      Katia Cytryn-Silverman
      Keywords: Carmel, Phoenicia, clay pipes, Egypt
    • The Glass Finds from Kerem Maharal (pp. 75–83)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: Carmel, technology, glass industry, workshop, production
    • The Coins from Kerem Maharal (pp. 85–86)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Carmel, numismatics, France, Balkans, Ottoman empire, Europe
    • The Flint Assemblage from Kerem Maharal (pp. 87–92)
      Ofer Marder
      Keywords: Carmel, industry
  • A Persian- and Hellenistic-Period Settlement at Tel Ḥanan (with contributions by Barak Monnickendam-Givon, Alla Nagorsky) (pp. 93–145)
    Alla Nagorsky and Shoshana Israeli
    Keywords: Carmel, coast, Phoenicia, trade
    • Persian- and Hellenistic-Period Imported Amphoras from Tel Ḥanan (pp. 147–150)
      Samuel R. Wolff
      Keywords: Carmel, Aegean, trade
    • Stamped Amphora Handles from Tel Ḥanan (pp. 151–156)
      Gerald Finkielsztejn
      Keywords: Carmel, coast, production, epigraphy
    • The Coins from Tel Ḥanan (pp. 157–159)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: Carmel, numismatics
    • The Flint Artifacts from Tel Ḥanan (pp. 161–162)
      Vladimir Zbinovich
      Keywords: Carmel, industry