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‘Atiqot 51 (2006) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 51
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Salvage Excavations at a Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site at Modi‘in (pp. 1–14)
    Vladimir Zbenovich
    Keywords: Kaizer Compound, prehistory, typology, cupmarks, flint knapping, Senonian flint
  • Remains of an Early Chalcolithic Settlement on the Fringes of Horbat Usha (pp. 15–22)
    Martin Peilstöcker
    Keywords: Galilee, churn, Gilat jar, roof plaster
  • Burials from the Intermediate Bronze Age and the Roman Period at Bet Dagan (pp. 23–30)
    Martin Peilstöcker
    Keywords: cemetery, burial, funerary goods, art, metal
  • A Salvage Excavation at ‘Ein ez-Zeituna in Nahal ‘Iron (pp. 31–69)
    Don Glick
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, architecture, vent pipes, numismatics
    • Design Analysis of the Peristyle Building from ‘Ein ez-Zeituna (pp. 71–75)
      David Milson
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, architecture
    • The Glass Vessels from ‘Ein ez-Zeituna (pp. 77–84)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, glass production
    • Coins from ‘Ein ez-Zeituna (pp. 85–90)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, numismatics, Judea Capta, SC, XF
  • Aspects of Phoenician Burial Customs in the Roman Period in Light of an Excavation near El-Kabri (Kabri) (pp. 91–123)
    Edna J. Stern and Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: burial, glass vessels, iron nail, bracelet, bronze bell, spindle whorls, bead, numismatics, anthropology, ethnicity
    • The Coins from El-Kabri (pp. 125–129)
      Danny Syon
      Keywords: numismatics, burial, value, customs, mint, circulation
  • Excavations at Shiqmona—1994 (pp. 131–143)
    Yizhar Hirschfeld
    Keywords: Mediterranean coast, imported pottery, mosaic, historical sources, ethnicity, Christianity
    • Pottery, Stone and Small Finds from Shiqmona (pp. 145–161)
      Roni Amir
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, economy, trade
    • The Coins from Shiqmona (pp. 163–171)
      Nitzan Amitai-Preiss
      Keywords: Mediterranean coast, numismatics, trade
  • A Mamluk-Period Site at Khirbat Burin in the Eastern Sharon (pp. 173–214)
    Raz Kletter and Edna J. Stern
    Keywords: medieval period, sugar production, rural site, historical sources, Crusader period
    • Note on a Glazed Bowl with a Medallion of a Feline from Khirbat Burin (pp. 215–219)
      Lev Kapitaikin
      Keywords: medieval period, pottery, art, iconography, numismatics, epigraphy
    • An Inscribed Handle from Khirbat Burin (p. 221)
      Nitzan Amitai-Preiss
      Keywords: medieval period, pottery, epigraphy
    • Coins from Khirbat Burin, Eastern Sharon (pp. 223–224)
      Helena Sokolov
      Keywords: medieval period, numismatics
    • Archaeozoological Finds from Khirbat Burin (pp. 225–229)
      Moshe Sade
      Keywords: medieval period, archaeozoology, fauna
  • Remains of a Monastery at the Foot of Tel Ashdod (Hebrew, pp. 1*–2*; English summary, p. 233)
    Shlomo Gudovitch
    Keywords: Christianity, art
    • A Greek Inscription from Tel Ashdod (Hebrew, pp. 3*–6*; English summary, pp. 233–234)
      Vassilios Tzaferis
      Keywords: Christianity, epigraphy
  • Human Skeletal Remains from Horbat Ma’aravim (Hebrew, pp. 7*–17*; English summary, pp. 234–235)
    Yossi Nagar
    Keywords: anthropology, osteology, death curve, survivorship curve, demography
  • Horbat Hermas (Hebrew, pp. 19*–31*; English summary, pp. 235–236)
    Ofer Sion and Giora Parnos
    Keywords: Shephelah, pottery, small finds, burial, tomb
    • The Glass Finds from Horbat Hermas (Hebrew, pp. 33*–35*; English summary, p. 236)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Shephelah, glass industry
    • The coins from Horbat Hermas (Hebrew, pp. 37*–38*; English summary, p. 237)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Shephelah, numismatics
  • Building Fragments of the Early Islamic Period on Ha-Gedud Ha-‘Ivri Street in Ramla (Hebrew, pp. 39*–47*; English summary, pp. 237–238)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: ceramics, typology
  • The Northern City Wall of Jerusalem on the Eve of the First Crusade (Excavations at the ‘Jordanian Garden’) (Hebrew, pp. 49*–53*; English summary, p. 238)
    Gaby Mazor
    Keywords: Middle Ages, fortifications
  • El-Qubab (Hebrew, pp. 55*–67*; English summary, p. 239)
    Miki Ein Gedy
    Keywords: Late Islamic period