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‘Atiqot 62 (2010) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 62
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • The Early Bronze Age Site of Me‘ona in the Western Galilee (Hellenistic Amphora Fragments, by Gerald Finkielsztejn)  (pp. 1–15)
    Eliot Braun
    Keywords: potter’s mark, perforated sherds, glyptics, cylinder seal
  • A Salvage Excavation near Tel Regev  (Hebrew, pp. 1*–14*; English summary, p. 169)
    Zach Horovich and Doron Lipkunsky
    Keywords: Carmel, Early Bronze Age, rampart
  • Middle Bronze Age Tombs at Fassuta  (pp. 17–42)
    Lilly Gershuni and Mordechai Aviam
    Keywords: warrior tomb, Tell el-Yahudiyeh Ware, Sobhotep group
    • The Metal Objects from Fassuta  (pp. 43–49)
      Sariel Shalev
      Keywords: metallurgy, Middle Bronze Age, recycling metal
    • Animal Bone Remains from Fassuta (pp. 51–52)
      Liora Kolska Horwitz
      Keywords: animal taxa, bone selection, prime cuts, ritual
  • A Middle Bronze Age Tomb at Kibbutz Ma‘alē Ha-Hamisha  (Hebrew, pp. 15*–20*; English summary, p. 170)
    Yitzhaq Meitlis
    Keywords: Jerusalem periphery, Middle Bronze Age, cemetery, burial goods
  • A Local Imitation of a Neo-Babylonian Stamp Seal from a Burial Cave near Gelilot  (pp. 53–57)
    Tallay Ornan
    Keywords: Babylonian art, Babylonian pantheon, symbolism, divine emblems
  • A Site from the Persian, Hellenistic and Early Islamic Periods at Holot Yavne (with contributions by Yossi Nagar, Gerald Finkielsztejn, Yael Gorin-Rosen, Yitzhaq Hershko, Donald T. Ariel)  (Hebrew, pp. 21*–46*; English summary, pp. 171–172)
    Amir Gorzalczany, Diego Barkan and Livnat Iechie
    Keywords: Persian Empire, domestic finds, metallurgy
  • A Burial Cave from the Third–Early Fourth Centuries CE at Iqrit  (pp. 59–96)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: loculi (Kokhim) cave, primary burials, burial goods, anthropology
    • The Coins from Iqrit  (pp. 97–106)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Phoenicia, Upper Galilee, currency, mint, Caron’s obol
  • A Salvage Excavation at Horbat Rozez  (pp. 107–137)
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: Carmel, settlement, imported vessels
    • The Ceramic Oil Lamps from Horbat Rozez  (pp. 139–144)
      Varda Sussman
      Keywords: Carmel, Samaritans, menorah
    • The Byzantine-Period Glass Vessels from Horbat Rozez  (pp. 145–155)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: coastal plain, Carmel, glass production
    • The Coins from Horbat Rozez  (pp. 157–158)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Carmel, Byzantine period, numismatics
    • Radiocarbon Dating of Samples from Horbat Rozez  (p. 159)
      Dror Segal and Israel Carmi
      Keywords: radiocarbon dating, organic material
  • A Christian Inscription at Shelomi  (pp. 161–167)
    Hagit Tahan and Danny Syon
    Keywords: late Byzantine Age, Christianity, epigraphy, indiction cycle
  • Remains from the Medieval and Ottoman Periods on the Eastern Hill of Tell Jatt (Area D)  (Hebrew, pp. 47*–51*; English summary, p. 173) 
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: Middle Ages, settlement, Medieval pottery